Prosperous Harvest
Prosperous Harvest 富贵丰收
$19.80 + 7% GST/pax (Min 30pax)
$21.80+ 7% GST /pax (Festive Price*) (Min 30pax)
Available from 14th January 2019 to 19th February 2019
* 4th February 2019 (除夕) – 7th February 2019 (初三)



Spring Harvest Platter 四季进财
(Spicy Plum Squid Rolls with Glass Noodles, Cold Meat Slices with Mixed Dressing)

Hot Favourites

Golden Ginger Chicken 金壁辉煌
Baked Red Snapper Loin with Royal Thai Style 皇家泰式酸辣鱼片
Vanamei King Prawn with Superior Soy Sauce 御皇干煎明虾
Smoked Duck with Yam in Foshan Style 佛山香芋熏鸭片
Deep Fried Seafood Roll 酥炸富贵卷
Loh Han Vegetable in Abalone Sauce (V) 双菇罗汉斋(素)
Braised Treasure Ee Fu Noodle with Wild Mushroom (V) 至尊三宝香菇伊面(素)


Chilled Mango Sago and Pomelo 杨枝甘露 (冷)
Gui Hua Jelly 桂花果冻


Fruit Punch 杂果饮料

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